Florianópolis is located on the beautiful island of Santa Catarina. The capital of the state of Santa Catarina is one of the most important cities in southern Brazil. This city, which was fought over by the Spanish, Dutch and Belgians, was colonized in the eighteenth century by Azoreans, whose influence can be seen in the colorful historic buildings, in the popular festivals, museums and churches. Here we can enjoy the many food festivals celebrating the local delicacies, including oysters and sea food. This cityis also known for its beautiful beaches(overforty), where prawns and oysters are the most popular sea food in the traditional dishes. The north and central area of the city are the most visited, due to the excellent infrastructure, tourist facilities and hotels. In the southern zone, some districts preserve the characteristics of rural areas, both in their way of speaking and in their folklore celebrations.

Federal University of Santa Catarina


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