14 to 25 October 2013 – Florianópolis - Brazil

In this School of Advanced Studies will be treated theoretical and practical aspects of crystallographic methods applied to the determination of the chemical structure of materials. The proposed themes for the School involve all material science, control and Description of industrial crystallization processes, nanotechnology, and especially polymorphism and co-crystallisation of drugs. The second school in Crystallization and Crystallography for Latin America (ECRISLA) will feature internationally recognized experts and will be taught at the Federal University of Santa Catarina, Florianópolis, Brazil.

Theoretical aspects

Theoretical studies of X-ray diffraction of single crystals to determine new structures using area detectors. Theoretical studies of X-ray diffraction powder for identifying polymorphs and co-crystals in drugs and the possibilities of determination of average crystallite size and microstrain.

Practical aspects

Knowledge and experience applied to problems crystallography using X-ray diffraction monocrystal using area detectors in different fields of research. Applications of the techniques of X-ray diffraction of the powder to the study and control of active pharmaceutical ingredients in industrial level. Use and practical software for determination of average crystallite size and microstrain.


Photo of the Class of Module 2 ECRISLA 2013


Photo of the Class of Module 1 ECRISLA 2013



It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to the second School of Advanced Studies in Crystallization and Crystallography for Latin America (ECRISLA). ECRISLA is a realization of the postgraduate programs in Farmacy, Physics and Chemistry of UFSC, sponsored by  Coordenação e Aperfeiçoamento de Pessoal de Nível Superior (CAPES) and by International Union of Crystallography (IUCr) and is addressed to posgraduate students from Brazil and Latin America. These areas of knowledge, crystallization and crystallography are complementary, the event is an important opportunity to deepen their knowledge in an integrated manner. ECRISLA want to create a space for study, discussion and confraternization among teachers, internationally recognized experts, and students. To this end, national and international speakers will address various topics of theoretical and practical methods of crystallization and crystallography studies applied to structure determination of organic compounds and bioinorganic, the crystallization of drugs, materials science and nanotechnology. ECRISLA is structured in two distinct modules: Module 1: Crystallization and Module 2: Crystallography. The number of entries for the event will be limited to 50, and partial scholarship can be given to a limited number of students. ECRISLA School will be held in Florianopolis (Santa Catarina, Brazil) 14 - 18 October (Module 1) and 21 - 25 October (Module 2) at the campus of Universidade Federal de SantaCatarina (UFSC).

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Check the schedule of Module 1 and Module 2

1. The planned activities will be held in the Auditorium of Chemistry at UFSC in two daily shifts (the morning and afternoon, with a break between 12:30 and 16h).

2. Participants will recognize the ECRISLA as credit in their respective postgraduate programs must meet the following criteria:

        a. Reply questionnaire related to the theme of the event, which will be delivered at the end of each module.

        b. Owning frequently enough (at least 70% to qualify for Concept)

3. Participants who require a receipt must show the secretariat at the time of removal of material, proof of payment and a printed document containing data that must be included on the receipt (name, description, etc..).

4. Students who attend the courses of Module 1 and 2 need to bring your own notebook.


Graduate students and researchers from Brazilian and Latin American educational institutions from the following areas of expertise:

Pharmacy,  Chesmitry, Physics, Material Science, Chemical Engineering and Industry professionals.

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